Voyage through the Greek Islands

Santorini, Crete & the Aegean Sea

The Experience

Set sail on a Greek island hopping adventure through the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. Explore the islands of Crete and Santorini along the way!

Trip Highlights

  • Climb the Acropolis and get up close and personal with the Parthenon
  • Wander the streets and markets of the historical Monastiraki neighborhood of Athens
  • Enjoy an afternoon on a small family run farm as you taste freshly made cheese and honey
  • Take in world famous sunsets of the Santorini Caldera from the deck of a sailboat
  • Explore the iconic pebble-lined streets and small family-owned shops
  • Escape the tourist track and explore some of the Greek island’s best kept secrets on the “local’s choice” islands of Amorgos and Naxos


Voyage through the Greek Islands

Program Overview

“Picture perfect” is an understatement! You will be sure to not only snag the perfect IG postcard-level photo, but truly experience the best of the Greek Islands. From sandy beaches, to quaint towns with whitewashed houses and rugged clifftops, to historic relics at every turn, Greece delivers constant awe.

Hop from island to island. Sail to the world famous caldera in Santorini. Find out exactly why the warm Mediterranean waters live up to the hype, and eat all the incredible Greek food your heart desires. You will also have the opportunity to interact with locals and experience the islands from a true local perspective.

You will not want to miss out on one of Europe’s most popular summer destinations. Join us to travel like a local on a true Greek island hopping adventure!








Voyage through the Greek Islands




Day 1: Arrival

Welcome to Greece!

Staff will greet you at the airport with open arms, and the group will head to our hotel to settle in and start getting to know one another.

Learn more about this fascinating country and go over rules and group expectations at an orientation.

We’ll enjoy our first group dinner before heading to bed early to ensure we get ample rest for our first proper day of adventure!

Days 2: Athens → Crete

After breakfast we’ll head out to explore the city. In Athens, you’ll find breathtaking sights around every corner.

Visit the Acropolis, then enjoy an afternoon bike tour of the historic center–get familiar with the city’s landmarks at a relaxed pace.

In the evening, we’ll check in to some very unique accommodations for the night: we’ll be sleeping aboard the ferry to the island of Crete.

Have dinner & spend time with your new friends before falling asleep to the sound of the sea.

Day 3: Crete: Chania & Rethymno

Make the most of the morning with a stroll through the city of Chania. We’ll get to know some of its historic Old Town and get our feet reacquainted with solid ground.

Next, we’ll take a pit stop at Lake Kournas, a bright blue lake that is a favorite of locals.

This evening, we’re in for a treat–discover an amazing local spot that features folkloric Greek dance and traditional cuisine.

After this long day of travel, we’ll sleep well in our accommodations in Rethymno.

Day 4: Crete: Rethymno & Zaros

Explore a bit more of the quaint city of Rethymno before departing for our next destination.

Take in the scenery as we head inland on meandering mountain roads studded with small villages and canyons.

We’ll stop for lunch and to stretch our legs, arriving in Zaros just in time for an evening hike. The trail will take us past olive groves and villages. Marvel at a particularly ancient olive tree: it has been alive for a whopping 3,000 years!

Later, we’ll have a chance to meet as a group and go over what we’ve learned so far. What have you learned about Greek culture? What has surprised you?

Day 5: Crete: Zaros & Heraklion

Get ready for a day on the farm! Harvest fruit and vegetables at a local farm–with some luck, we may get up close and personal with the animals that live there as well.

Learn the tricks of the trade in making traditional, fresh Cretan cheese. We’ll taste the (literal) fruits of our labor when we use it to cook our own lunch with guidance from a Greek culinary expert.

Continue on to our final city on Crete. Drive north to the coastal city of Heraklion, where we’ll take a walking tour before celebrating our last night on this island.

Day 6: Crete → Santorini

Crete has been incredible, but it’s time to bid it farewell. This morning we’ll hop on a ferry to the picturesque island of Santorini, best known for its iconic whitewashed coastal towns.

This island, along with a few others we will explore, is actually a visible section of the rim of an underwater volcano.

Climb to the island’s highest peak to get an amazing view of the island and its neighbors and take a tour of Santorini’s best attractions.

We’ll also visit the medieval villages of Megalochori and Pyrgos, with their striking architecture and coastal views.

After dinner, snap some photos of the gorgeous sunset before turning in for the night.

Day 7: Santorini

Take to the sea to explore some of the natural formations surrounding the island.We’ll hop aboard at the picturesque old port of Fira, bound for the Nea Kameni volcano.

Disembark and climb through the barren and rocky terrain to the rim of the volcanic crater, marveling at the layers of earth visible on the steep inner walls of the caldera. You may see some small, active craters along the way as well, made evident by the steam and vapors escaping them.

Take some time to enjoy the sea as our boat docks off the quiet island of Thirassia, the second largest of the complex of islands forming the caldera, giving you the opportunity to escape into its crystal clear and refreshing blue waters.

Tonight we’ll feast on a traditional Geek barbecue buffet prepared by the crew before returning to Santorini.

Day 8: Santorini → Amorgos

Αντίο, Santorini! Next up: Amorgos, a wild and beautiful island criss-crossed with walking paths and dotted with fragrant herbs.

These trails are called the “blue paths” for their fantastic views of the Aegean Sea.

There is no better way to explore this island than on foot; we’ll traverse the hilly terrain and get acquainted with the flora and fauna of this special place.

Day 9: Amorgos

See the more bustling highlights of Amorgos with a tour of Chora, the island’s capital city known for its unique cycladic style.

We’ll stop to check out a famous shipwreck from the 1980s on our way to Kalotaritissa beach where we’ll enjoy the sun and swim away the morning hours.

Next, we’ll move on to Mouros beach for more swimming and to explore the dramatic sea caves here.

Once we’ve had our fill of sand and sun, visit Greece’s second-oldest monastery, built in 1017–the stark white of the structure built into the rocky cliffs is an impressive sight to behold.

After this whirlwind of a day, we’ll be ready to hit the hay!

Day 10: Amorgos → Naxos

We’re coming for you, Naxos!

Arriving at our destination, you’ll feel as though you have traveled back in time. This island is featured heavily in Greek mythology–in fact, Zeus himself is said to have grown up here.

Visit the famous Portara, an ancient doorway made of stone.

We’ll explore Kastro castle, an edifice at the top of the hill. This island was under Venetian rule for 300 years starting in the 13th century.

Finally, enjoy discovering a town believed to have been built on top of the island’s original ancient city.

Day 11: Naxos

Day trip! Take a cruise on a traditional wooden vessel to the island of Koufonisia. This is the perfect opportunity to relax on the beach and take a swim in the turquoise waters.

Chow down on some Greek barbecue before continuing to the golden coast of Ano Koufonissi, a small island with breathtaking beaches.

With an afternoon this beautiful, it’s no mystery as to why the Cyclades draw millions of tourists each year.

This evening, we’ll return to Naxos.

Day 12: Naxos → Athens

And just like that, it’s our last day.

Take one last look at the islands that we’ve gotten to know so intimately as we take the ferry back to the mainland.

In Athens, we’ll get packed and say our final goodbyes and celebrate our time together over an authentic farewell dinner together.

Day 13: Departure

Sadly, our Greek island adventure has come to an end.

Staff will accompany students to the airport and check them in for their flights home.

As you settle in to your seat, reflect on all of the places you went, things you saw, and people you met.

We hope this experience leaves you eager for your next adventure abroad!


Voyage through the Greek Islands

Dates & Tuition

13-Day Travel Program
2023 Dates
 JUL 09 – JUL 21, 2023
Trip Duration: 13 days
Program Tuition: $5,999
Student/Staff Ratio: 7 to 1
Language Hours: N/A
Lodging Type: Boutique Hostels
Age Range: 14-18 Years Old
Arrival Airport: Athens (ATH)
Departure Airport: Athens (ATH)

Tuition Includes All Major Program Expenses, Such As:

  • 24/7 parent support hotline during the program
  • Secondary medical and evacuation insurance
  • Cultural activities, tours and excursions
  • Pre-departure materials and support
  • Educational materials
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off
  • Local transportation to each destination
  • Secure overnight lodging at each location
  • 3 meals per day
  • Professional full-time staff and experts


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