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Summer travel programs in France, in Paris and Across Europe

Charming villages, beachside towns, and thriving cities abound in France, one of Europe’s most diverse countries.

Travel along the countryside for scenic vista of its hillside towns, sweeping vineyards, and fairy tale castles. The French Riviera is more laid back, a chance to marvel at the Mediterranean Sea. France is most famous for Paris, The City of Lights, a cultural and historical powerhouse city.

For lovers of food, French cuisine is renowned for being one of the finest in the world, from the satisfying hors d’oeuvres to the delectable pastries. For lovers of fashion, France is home to many luxury brands, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, ideal for a shopping excursion.

France is a perfect blend of natural beauty, stunning architecture, and rich culture.

We have several multi-country programs where you will journey to Paris or elsewhere in France and then visit other countries in Europe!

Consider our STEAM program that visits Paris

If you’re interested in a future in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics, take a look at our STEAM program that visits Paris, France alongside other cities in Europe.

Our travel programs for teens are more than just a tour!

Experience destinations through a new perspective. Embrace authentic, cross-cultural connections. Discover unseen sides of world history and off-the-beaten-path locations. And build community with your new friends on the adventure of a lifetime.

Open for enrollment for high school students ages 14-18

From locally-led experiences to thoughtful group discussions, students will see firsthand how immersive travel is not just about a place, it’s about people.

Consider what meaningful goals you would like to set for your future and how the connections you form with your new network of travel companions will stay with you after your journey.

Also, most teens travel solo to the program and meet new friends during the experience! Though you’re of course welcome to attend with a sibling or friend.

A transformational experience that prepares you for life in college and beyond

Stepping outside of your comfort zone before college can be tremendously rewarding before you start university. Whether this is the summer before your freshman year in college, or you’re still a freshman in high school, there’s a TTN program tailored just for you.

Students who travel abroad during high school will be a step ahead of most Americans their age, who either wait until college to study abroad, or never travel abroad at all!

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Teen Summer Programs in France and Beyond

Discover what life is like as a local as you explore each destination. Our authentic travel experiences for teens are designed to impart a lifelong love for travel.

Teen Travel Network

More than a tour... immersive, authentic travel

Gain a true sense of being a global citizen with every new stamp you add to your passport

Your Journey is Just Beginning...

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Summer travel programs in Europe, the Pacific, Asia and the Americas

From locally-led experiences to thoughtful group discussions, students will see firsthand how immersive travel is not just about a place, it’s about people.