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Please reach out to us with any questions that are not answered in the below FAQs.

How is TTN responding to Covid-19?

Last summer, we are proud to share that we have delivered safe and successful programming. We are continuing our regular consultations with our risk management team, in-country expert partners and a variety of global health experts and organizations including the WHO, CDC, and our partner in managing student health and safety, Cultural Insurance Services International.

In addition, TTN remains in touch with peer organizations in order to share information and work collaboratively in the interest of our participants and partner communities.

Does TTN require a Covid-19 vaccine to travel?

An up to date Covid-19 vaccination is strongly recommended, but not required by GLA to travel on our programs. This means they have received their primary series of the Covid-19 vaccination and are up to date with any eligible boosters. We closely monitor border guidelines and some destinations may require this vaccine for entry to the country. Staying up to date with the Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to ensure your student has as smooth of an experience as possible.

*Be aware some destinations may require vaccination for entry into the country and this could change between the time of enrollment and departure. We closely track entry requirements for U.S travelers and will keep families apprised but also strongly advise you to also monitor this and consider vaccination (especially if you live outside of the U.S.).

What type of pre-departure requirements does TTN have?

Limited Exposure Before Departure

For all travelers, we ask all families and staff to limit exposure and avoid non-essential contact outside of their immediate pod or family unit as best as possible in the days before their program departure. This is in preparation for their required pre-departure Covid-19 test and to avoid any exposures that could impact ability to attend the program.

Negative Covid-19 Test Taken Before Departure

At this time, TTN asks that students obtain a negative viral test prior to departure. We strongly suggest that families obtain an Antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure and ideally right before travel to the airport. If a positive result is received we ask that you contact TTN to plan for a late arrival or change of program dates.

What processes do you have in place to minimize the risk of Covid-19 on your trips?

See the Covid-19 Risk Management Framework above for details.

What happens if a student shows symptoms of Covid-19 while on a program and/or test positive?

Before students arrive, we work to identify testing centers and a quarantine/isolation location should a student or group of students need to be tested and/or test positive. If a Covid-19-like symptom presents itself, rapid testing may be considered if appropriate or requested. In the event of a positive test, we will follow isolation and quarantine protocols as listed by the health ministry of the country the program is operating in.

In the absence of guidance by a local health ministry, we plan to follow guidelines as posted by the CDC for quarantine and isolation guidelines usually 5 days or until symptoms dissipate and students can rejoin the group masked if still positive.

What if my child gets Covid-19 and needs to go to the hospital?

We monitor all students’ general well-being through frequent health checks-ins. The choice to take a student to the hospital will vary pending the individual student and the specific symptoms they are showing. We work closely with parents, our medical consultant and medical insurance to take swift and appropriate action. If a student must go to the hospital for care or for general testing, they will always be accompanied by a staff member and supported every step of the way.

Who is responsible for these Covid-19 test logistics and costs?

Prior to the program, the family will be responsible to obtain the correct test, receive results in the time frame and provide any positive results to TTN.

If a student needs to obtain a Covid-19 test from a facility at any point in the program, the family will be responsible for covering that cost directly. We strongly recommend all students travel with a $200 cash emergency fund in the event this is necessary during your program.

I have a Covid-19 vaccine? Do I still need to get a Covid-19 test to come on the program?

Yes, TTN asks that all travelers obtain a negative test result prior to departure to the program.

What will communication be like with Teen Travel Network?

The need for all parties to remain flexible is more important than ever. To that end, we are committed to transparent and open communication with you before, during, and after your program experience. We will continuously update you about your program, as any situations evolve. This includes any updates to your itinerary or other changes that may impact your experience, we are here to support you as you prepare for your travel.

Furthermore, while programs are running, we also have our 24/7 emergency line available to all families. If you have any questions, we invite you to reach out to us!

What does the refund policy look like for 2024?

We invite you to read through our full refund policy here.

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