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Social Media Guidelines

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Social Media Guidelines

TTN recognizes the value of online social media tools for connecting with our alumni and sharing our achievements and impact. Our online presence should reflect a positive image that is consistent with the TTN values and mission. TTNs responsibility for staff and students starts and ends with their TTN contract dates.

These guidelines promote good practice.

  • Think before you post. Are you reflecting TTN’s values?
  • Think carefully about your wording, what you are saying and how you are saying it.
  • Always ensure you have guardian permission to use any photos of minors.
  • Never use more than one identifying factor when posting photos, writing a TTN blog, or using any other form of social media. Consider the use of a pseudonym or whether a name is necessary at all.
  • Ensure minors are fully dressed. Bathing suits are inappropriate as the focus of the photo however, bathing suits in context are acceptable ex. A photo depicting students rafting or snorkeling is acceptable but a student standing in a bikini in front of an ocean is not acceptable.
  • Always consider how social media will look to a third party, e.g. a parent.
  • Ensure photos reflect TTN’s high Health and Safety standards.
  • Staff should not be Facebook, Instagram or other social media platform friends/contacts with minors for the duration of their TTN contract. TTN staff should be presenting as professionals, and personal Facebook/Instagram accounts should not be accessible to those under the age of 18 without their parents’/guardian’s express knowledge and permission.
  • Staff shall never enter a private chat (Instant Message, Direct Message on an App, Chat room, etc.), with a minor; this is similar to being alone in a room with the door closed.
  • If a staff member is emailing a minor for any reason, they will always CC the parent/guardian. Also CC or BCC, another TTN staff member. If it is a group email, ensure the students are BCCed so as not to inadvertently give out contact details. The same applies for when a student reaches out to a staff first.
  • Ensure social media guidelines are part of your orientation for both staff and students. This needs to include communication policies following any incident. For example, if a person is injured, it is not appropriate for students or staff to be mentioning it on Instagram.
    • If an inappropriate post is brought to your attention from a student during their session dates, TTN staff have a duty to report it.
    • Consider using a limited or private profile for the duration of your contract dates
  • Always triple-check that whatever you’re uploading on social media does not contain any private or sensitive information, especially if batch-uploading photos.
  • Be a positive, respectful and a professional role model at all times

Examples of good practice images, which are appropriate to use:

*These are images where youth are fully clothed and participating in appropriate activities. Also you cannot identify them from the images so no full close up images of faces.

Examples of poor practice images, which are inappropriate to use: 

*These images show up close students in bathing suits, participating in inappropriate activities and exploiting poverty or misfortune to invoke sympathy. 

Final notes:

  1. If you are ever concerned about the way a young person is contacting you, inform your Program Manager immediately.
  2. These guidelines promote the safety of both our staff, students and local children involved on a TTN program.
  3. If you have any concerns about a child or vulnerable adult, staff member, or local partner staff, contact one of TTN’s HQ staff. If you see something, say something.

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