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Program Terms & Conditions

TTN programs can be physically and emotionally demanding; applicants should be in good physical and mental health as well as comply with COVID-19 protocols.

TTN Refund Policy Details (Terms & Conditions):

  1. All payments are subject to the conditions of our refund policy on the date payment is received.
  2. If a student chooses to withdraw for any reason prior to the program start date, TTN must be notified in writing.
  3. Certain portions of the program fees are refundable depending on the date of the written cancellation request. Refunds will be calculated according to the date in which TTN receives this notification.
  4. If for some reason TTN is not able to grant acceptance into the program, everything but the application fee is refundable.
  5. The $600 deposit towards the tuition is always non-refundable, but can be transferred to another student and can be used as a lifetime deposit upon request. The application fee (typically $100-$250) is always non-refundable & non-transferable.
  6. The non-refundable application fee amount varies depending on the date of application. Typically, it is $100-$250 USD.
  7. If your full tuition balance is paid on time:  If you cancel out of your programs at least 60 days prior to departure and your full tuition balance has been paid on time, your family is eligible to receive a lifetime tuition credit for all payments received (excluding the application fee), in lieu of a refund payment.
  8. We may, at any time, modify these Terms and Conditions, with or without notice. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting.

Force Majeure:

Program cancellation, postponements or changes that occur due to an unexpected or uncontrollable event may be subject to Force Majeure. Such instances could be, but not limited to: acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion, or any law or any action taken by a government or public authority. If Force Majeure is enacted, Terra will aim to move the student to another program, if possible. If no alternative program is available, the family will be granted a credit for a future program. This credit will be transferable to any other eligible sibling or friend. Where families demand a refund in spite of these circumstances, we will provide partial cash refunds only should our overall situation allow us to do so. The payout ratio will depend on the scale of the Force Majeure.

Terra reserves the right to make changes, cancellations, postponements or substitutions as a result of changing conditions, safety considerations, the interests of the group, or emergency situations.

In the event Terra decides not to operate a program for force majeure or safety considerations, Terra reserves the right to substitute the program with another program option.

In the case of COVID-19 or similar force majeure events, should safe program delivery be possible with social distancing measures only, TTN may need to add a ‚Äėsocial distancing‚Äô or COVID-19 testing surcharge to cover additional costs associated with changes to program elements such as rooming, transportation or service projects.

The surcharge would be in addition to the tuition of the program and apply to all currently registered and future students. If enacted, the established surcharge must be received in full 30 days prior to the program start date. Alternatively, in order to avoid such a surcharge, TTN may reduce program duration to cover extra costs. In such an instance, TTN would liaise with families before enacting any surcharge / program duration deduction with the objective of identifying the most suitable solution for all.

Once on a program, if a student chooses to leave the TTN Program, there will be no refund of the program fee. If the Student leaves the TTN Program prior to the end date due to parental request, personal reasons, behavioral issues, or mental health challenges, he/she will not be permitted to re-join the program and will not receive a refund. The student’s removal is final.

Students must treat their surroundings and materials with care. The Participant agrees to reimburse Terra for any property of TTN Program Staff or lodging facilities that is damaged, lost, or destroyed as a result of the student’s actions.

Refund deadlines:

    • Cancellation notices received by December 15: 100% of tuition paid, except the $600 deposit and the application fee, is refundable.
    • Cancellation notices received December 16 to April 15: 50% of tuition paid, except the $600 deposit and application fee, is refundable.
    • Cancellation notices received after April 15: None of the tuition or application fees are refundable.

**Exceptions CANNOT be granted to this refund policy. Travel insurance is recommended to help provide protection for your investment beyond our cancellation policy.

Deadlines & Terms for Submitting Your Application:

When the initial $600 tuition deposit and application fee are paid, the student’s space will be held pending availability. However, TTN must receive the completed online application and signed waiver & consent forms on the following timeline:

  • Deposits made up until December 15, application and waiver documents must be submitted by December 31.
  • Deposits made from December 15 until May 1, application and waiver documents must be submitted within 2 weeks of the initial deposit date.
  • Deposits made May 1 ‚Äď May 15, application and waiver documents must be submitted no later than May 20.
  • Applications received after May 15 require approval and a completed application & full tuition payment for consideration.

If the online application and waiver forms are not completed within the above-defined deadlines, TTN reserves the right to cancel the application and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid. Extensions can be granted in some cases if the program is more than 90 days from departure.

Your application will be reviewed upon submission. Any follow-up questions will be directed to the parents or guardians of students under 18 years of age. Any follow-up requests should be completed within the above-defined deadlines unless otherwise specified; otherwise, TTN reserves the right to cancel the application and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid.

If for some reason TTN is not able to grant acceptance into the program, everything but the application fee is refundable.

Required Signed Documentation:

Enrollment & participation in the program is contingent on both the participant and one legal guardian signing and agreeing to: COVID-19 Informed Consent, Waiver, Code of Conduct, Medical Consent form, and any other required documentation that may become required under Terra Education, Inc. discretion with the evolving COVID-19 situation. All Terms & Conditions outlined including the refund policy will be upheld regardless of the signature of required documentation. Neither program enrollment nor program participation will be permitted unless all requested documents are signed and returned. Terra Education reserves the right to cancel any applicants or deny participation of any enrolled students and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid if the requested documentation is not signed and returned in a timely manner specified by Terra.

Deadlines & Terms for Tuition Payment:

For programs in spring and summer tuition is due in full within 1 week* of enrollment when all of the following conditions are met: (1) the program session begins in 90 days or less  (2) the program has been confirmed to run by TTN. If these conditions are met prior to 90 days from departure, tuition is due within 30 days of enrollment.

*Payment Plans: Available on a limited basis upon request.

Late Fees & Penalties: A $100 late fee will be assessed if full payment is not received by the due date. Additionally, if your balance is overdue, TTN reserves the right to cancel the application and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid.

If your full tuition balance is paid on time:  If you cancel out of your programs at least 60 days prior to departure and your full tuition balance has been paid on time, your family is eligible to receive a tuition credit to use in 2024 or 2025 for all payments received (excluding the application fee), in lieu of a refund payment.

Payment by Check: When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us to either use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction (ACH transfer). A $25 fee applies to bounced checks.

Deadlines for Pre-departure Documents:

Pre-departure documents are required for participation. Upon acceptance, you will receive the necessary documents and instructions via email.

  • For all participants who enroll up until January 31st, pre-departure documents will be due by March 1.¬†¬†
  • For all spring participants who enroll up until December 31st, pre-departure documents will be due by February 1.
  • For all summer participants beginning February 1, pre-departure documents are due 30 days after acceptance into the program. For all spring participants beginning January 1, pre-departure documents are due 30 days after acceptance into the program.¬†
  • If your program departure date is closer than 60 days away, your pre-departure documents are due 10 days from acceptance until May 20.
  • June 1 is the last date to submit required pre-departure paperwork unless approved.

If the required pre-departure documents are not completed within the above-defined deadlines, TTN reserves the right to assess a late fee of $50 – $200 or cancel the application without a refund. Extensions can be granted in some cases if the program is more than 60 days from departure.

Deadlines for Changing Programs:

  • Until April 15, students can change to available sessions (dates, program, countries) at no additional fee.
  • As of April 16, there is a $50 fee to change to an available session (date, program, countries).

Text Message Communication

We will communicate with families by email and text messages in order to facilitate the timely collection of all required pre-departure documents, provide notifications of changes/cancellations, emergency alerts, safety information, and coordinate drop-off and pick-up times. The frequency of such messages will be limited to what is required for successful pre-program coordination.

By signing these terms you are providing consent to receive emails and text messages from TTN for program coordination purposes. You can opt out of receiving text messages at any point. To do so, simply reply ‚ÄúSTOP‚ÄĚ to any text message, or notify us in writing. Once you opt out, you will not receive logistical, emergency, or other information through text.

Phone numbers provided will only be used for program-related communications and will not be shared with third parties for promotional or other purposes. TTN is not responsible for missed messages, delivery failures, or any consequences.


TTN includes secondary medical insurance and evacuation insurance during the program as part of your total program costs. However, purchasing a travel insurance policy is also recommended. See further insurance details below for guidance.

We highly recommend purchasing a Travel Insurance policy to help protect your investment. We suggest battleface, a reputable provider with years of strong customer reviews and a reputation for great customer service.

Programs include Emergency Evacuation Insurance. For students traveling outside their country of residence (internationally), Secondary Medical Insurance is also included. Anyone traveling within their country of residence (domestically), must have their own medical insurance coverage.

We CANNOT extend beyond our refund policy for personal injury, losses or acts of God or any other exceptions, however travel insurance may be able to provide additional coverage beyond our refund policy.

We are not responsible for any insurance premium, terms of use or otherwise for any insurance policy you choose to purchase.

Items not covered by tuition, that you will need to pay for:

  • International or domestic airfare to and from the destination country and/or city
  • Entry passport / visa to the country (if required)
  • Immunizations (if required)
  • Multi-country flight connections (if applicable)
  • Airport taxes (if required)
  • US health insurance for programs within the US, if a resident of the US
  • COVID-19 tests or related surcharges

Essential Eligibility Criteria

At Teen Travel Network, we welcome age-eligible teens who are excited about the opportunity to travel to apply for our programs. The following eligibility criteria are not intended to be exclusionary, but to identify the fundamental elements of participation with the goal of a safe and meaningful experience for everyone in the group.

TTN programs are not therapeutic programs and are not able to support struggling teens seeking behavior or mental health outcomes.

Applications are carefully considered and screened to align with these criteria. It is not uncommon for TTN to require supporting documentation or information in the application screening process to confirm eligibility or suitability for program participation. Failure to disclose full medical history may also result in the application not being accepted, additional fees, and/or removal from the program. Please discuss with our team for any further clarification or concerns.

  1. Ability to independently manage daily personal care, including self-administering & self-managing personal medications or treatments, including mental health and self-care while away from support systems or regularly scheduled professional treatment plans.
  2. Students experiencing or with a history of chronic illnesses, acute psychiatric conditions, behavioral issues, or some types of disability may require additional screening to determine suitability. For example, it may be required that additional details are disclosed, medical specialists sign off, and that independent stability is demonstrated consistently for 12 months leading up to the program start date. 
  3. Physician support is required for all participants and parent/guardian support is required for those under 18 years of age. Changes in medical history must be disclosed in a timely manner. 
  4. Demonstrate a willingness to try new things and remain open, inclusive, alert, engaged, respectful, tolerant, and communicative in a new environment while tolerating significant levels of ambivalence and ambiguity. 
  5. Commit to proactively communicating with TTN staff directly if help is needed.  
  6. Ability to self-regulate various environmental challenges and stressors (high heat and humidity, cold, altitude, insects, change in diet, change in time zones, sharing spaces, roommates, going without a cell phone or other technology devices, etc.).
  7. Ability to walk unassisted distances over 1 mile, lift items weighing 40 pounds, and follow detailed instructions in English to avoid hazards. Participants may opt out of certain activities on most programs if needed, in consultation with program staff and parents.
  8. Maintain a reasonable level of situational awareness appropriate to circumstances and exercise sound judgment regardless of direct supervision. 
  9. Must be willing to independently travel between home and the destination airport. (flights, arrival, etc. – unaccompanied minor services may be available with the airline)
  10. Agree to and follow the TTN Code of Conduct, abide by local laws, and comply with recommended preventive measures presented by TTN staff recognizing risks and hazards.


Violations of the Code of Conduct will trigger disciplinary action which could include expulsion from the TTN program or a complete elimination or reduction of credited community service hours. While most Code of Conduct violations result in immediate expulsion from the program, there may be instances where a verbal warning or written contract may precede expulsion when deemed appropriate by Program Staff. In the case of expulsion, the student will be sent home on the next available flight at the expense of the student’s parents or legal guardians, even if there is only one day remaining in the program without a refund.

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