Byron Bay, Australia

Learn a little something about this key location

Why travel to Byron Bay this summer?

Byron Bay, located on the eastern coast of Australia in New South Wales, is a coastal gem known for its laid-back atmosphere, pristine beaches, and vibrant arts scene. This picturesque beach town has a natural beauty and bohemian charm that has become a haven for travelers and celebrities alike seeking a relaxed lifestyle away from the spotlight. Keep your eyes peeled in case you see Zac Efron or Chris Hemsworth walk by!

Byron Bay is also known for its stunning beaches and iconic landmarks such as Main Beach, Byron Bay Hinterland, and the Byron Bay Markets, just to name a few.

Byron Bay is the perfect place for water lovers. A renowned surf destination, it offers waves suitable for all skill levels. During the migration season, you can embark on whale-watching tours to witness humpback whales up close or explore the crystal-clear waters and marine life of Julian Rocks Marine Reserve.

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