Key Locations

Learn a little something about your favorite destinations

Learn more about these incredible destinations!

Deepen your knowledge of an individual country or series of countries within a region of interest through a journey from your arrival city to other important cities, landmarks, islands or other key locations.

Get an intimate feel for the location’s history, culture, people and contemporary challenges, including the exploration of often vastly varying regional identities and values.

Whether you’re traversing national borders to discover what life is like in multiple countries, or being immersed in one country’s vast array of destinations, it’s always a good idea to learn a little more about where your travels may take you.

As you explore this website’s country and multi-country pages, you’ll find certain Key Location links included. Check them out to discover a little more information about your upcoming travel destinations, or be inspired to enroll in a program based on what you find out along the way.

We have also posted Key Location links below for easy access. Enjoy your discovery of these exceptional destinations!

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