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Essential Eligibility Criteria


Essential Eligibility Criteria

At Teen Travel Network, we welcome age-eligible teens who are excited about the opportunity to travel to apply for our programs. 

The following eligibility criteria are not intended to be exclusionary, but to identify the fundamental elements of participation with the goal of a safe and meaningful experience for everyone in the group. 

TTN programs are not therapeutic programs and are not able to support struggling teens seeking behavior or mental health outcomes.

Applications are carefully considered and screened to align with these criteria. It is not uncommon for TTN to require supporting documentation or information in the application screening process to confirm eligibility or suitability for program participation. 

Failure to disclose full medical history may also result in the application not being accepted, additional fees, and/or removal from the program. Please discuss with our team for any further clarification or concerns.

  1. Ability to independently manage daily personal care, including self-administering & self-managing personal medications or treatments, including mental health and self-care while away from support systems or regularly scheduled professional treatment plans.
  2. Students experiencing or with a history of chronic illnesses, acute psychiatric conditions, behavioral issues, or some types of disability may require additional screening to determine suitability. For example, it may be required that additional details are disclosed, medical specialists sign off, and that independent stability is demonstrated consistently for 12 months leading up to the program start date. 
  3. Physician support is required for all participants and parent/guardian support is required for those under 18 years of age. Changes in medical history must be disclosed in a timely manner. 
  4. Demonstrate a willingness to try new things and remain open, inclusive, alert, engaged, respectful, tolerant, and communicative in a new environment while tolerating significant levels of ambivalence and ambiguity. 
  5. Commit to proactively communicating with TTN staff directly if help is needed.  
  6. Ability to self-regulate various environmental challenges and stressors (high heat and humidity, cold, altitude, insects, change in diet, change in time zones, sharing spaces, roommates, going without a cell phone or other technology devices, etc.).
  7. Ability to walk unassisted distances over 1 mile, lift items weighing 40 pounds, and follow detailed instructions in English to avoid hazards. Participants may opt out of certain activities on most programs if needed, in consultation with program staff and parents.
  8. Maintain a reasonable level of situational awareness appropriate to circumstances and exercise sound judgment regardless of direct supervision. 
  9. Must be willing to independently travel between home and the destination airport. (flights, arrival, etc. – unaccompanied minor services may be available with the airline)
  10. Agree to and follow the TTN Code of Conduct, abide by local laws, and comply with recommended preventive measures presented by TTN staff recognizing risks and hazards.

Violations of the Code of Conduct will trigger disciplinary action which could include expulsion from the TTN program or a complete elimination or reduction of credited community service hours. While most Code of Conduct violations result in immediate expulsion from the program, there may be instances where a verbal warning or written contract may precede expulsion when deemed appropriate by Program Staff. In the case of expulsion, the student will be sent home on the next available flight at the expense of the student’s parents or legal guardians, even if there is only one day remaining in the program without a refund.

Other Teen Travel Network Policies

Discover Teen Travel Network’s various program policies and statements of intent in our Program Policies Hub. Be sure to review each of these policies or statements before you participate in a TTN summer travel program.

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