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Lodging Policy

Lodging Policy

Teen Travel Network has adopted a Lodging Policy to ensure the safety and comfort of all students on our programs.

Dorming on program takes place primarily at the TTN Home Base. “Home Base” is the onsite lodging for students and staff on a Teen Travel Network program. There may be one Home Base on a program or multiple, depending on the itinerary.

TTN’s rooming assignments are based on gender identity, as communicated to TTN during enrollment.

If a student is transitioning (their gender) or identifies as non-binary or non-comforming, we will discuss with them what type of room they prefer or are most comfortable with (either male or female).

All students and families are welcome to communicate with TTN to provide more information on what type of lodging experience will be the most comfortable for their student.

Staff reserve the right for staff to change rooming assignments for any reason at any time. We unfortunately cannot guarantee rooming preferences in all cases due to the nature of international and group travel, specific room configurations, logistics, as well as time of application and when we receive input on individual comfort and needs.

Students are not permitted to enter rooms that are not assigned to them unless given permission by the program staff.

TTN is committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for all students, regardless of their gender, gender identity or expression, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, country of origin or any other basis. You can learn more about our commitment here.

If you have a request for room assignments or other notes, please contact us to share more (858) 771-4886 or email info@teentravelnetwork.com.

In For The Night Policy

It is TTN policy that students remain in their rooms for the duration of the night once program leaders have instructed them to do so.

By violating this policy (i.e. sneaking out of your room at night), you put yourselves and others at risk. This is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Each night, participants are informed of the time to return to assigned rooms and the time of “lights out,” as well as the schedule for the following day. For health reasons, we allow for and encourage eight hours of sleep a night for students, whenever possible.

Other Teen Travel Network Policies

Discover Teen Travel Network’s various program policies and statements of intent in our Program Policies Hub. Be sure to review each of these policies or statements before you participate in a TTN summer travel program.

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