Program Blog for June 10 - June 23, 2024


Hello families and friends from our amazing travelers!!

Day 1-2 has started and we are very exited for all the adventures ahead from the zip line day to the night hike! Arrival day went very smooth our travelers got the chance to try their fort Costa Rican food “Casado” a really delicious meal, some fried sweet plantains and fresh fruits juice.

We played some games at the end of the afternoon in order to get to know each other better and get more comfortable with this new adventure.

Today we are heading to our first destination “Monte verde” and there will have the chance to have an immersive experience.

Keep tuned for more pics and details about our upcoming days !

Pura Vida!!!


Today was our first full day. We started it with a traditional Costa Rican Breakfast before getting on the bus. During the drive, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant with a beachside view, played games in the bus, and went to a store in town to buy snacks. We landed in a beautiful eco-friendly lodge in Monteverde, passing our first emerald toucanet in the late afternoon before learning a bit more about our trip. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!



Today we went zip lining in the rain forest, there were 13 zip lines and a Tarzan swing, one of them was even a mile long. We walked on 8 hanging bridges over the jungle canopy, the highest one being 34 meters high. After lunch at the zip line place we went and learned about the forest preservation. Last we went on a cool night hike and saw many animals like spiders, frogs, sloths, snakes, and a few colorful birds and bugs.



We started the day with breakfast at about 7, and then we waited around either relaxing or packing our bags for the day with our W.I.T.S (water, insect repellent, tp, and water) and left at 9 am. Once on the bus we left for the coffee farm and got a tour from a guide. She explained a lot about coffee and some of the cool facts around it like the fact that arabica beans are the most common bean around the world. We had lunch there and then left on the bus again, this time headed for a local community. We met up with some of the students there (and a couple of young kids) and were talking amongst us, both trying to speak in Spanish or English. We had a lot of fun, participated in a soccer game, and planted some trees. We headed back to home base after a bit and had supper. After supper we had our TTN activity and it was musical chairs today.



Today we packed up from the beautiful cloud mountain we rode a ferry over arenal lake it was an amazing view of the volcano and mountains got to new home base feasted then took a small hike to a feild played some games found some manzanas de agua (water apples) had some free time then for dinner we tried ceviche and ended the night playing pictonary.



Today in Costa Rica, we had a spectacular day. We started our morning with a delightful breakfast. For the first half of the day, we went on a cacao tour in the jungles of Costa Rica. We learned all about the wonders and magic of the cacao bean/fruit. We then have the opportunity to make our own authentic chocolate, not like those fake Hershey bars. We went through the entire process of making chocolate from scratch and tasted it at each step of the chocolate process. We went to luxurious hot springs for the second half of the day. We got to relax and unwind in the hot water and also got on some extravagant waterslides. We ended our day off by playing a game as a group.



Today we went to a waterfall in the rain forest, we all walked down a very long stair case. We then swam around the waterfall for about 1 hour or so. After the waterfall we traveled to Lunch where we made quesadillas. We ate their own cultural food and watched 2 school kids do their own cultural dance. We all also danced for a bit as well. After lunch we went to go shopping at a souvenir shop and a supermarket. We also went for a bit of ice cream as well. After we went, we came back to the hotel and had dinner. And at last we did our TTN activity.

– Addison


The group rose bright and early today at 5:00AM to board the bus at 5:30 AM to go to white water rafting. At 10AM, we set sail on the rapid river navigating through the rocky waters. We took a quick stop to hike to a small creek to swim in. We then rafted to our hotel with the clothes and food for our one night stay. We then ate lunch and chilled around our new home base for a few hours. We then did a mid-trip reflection activity painting our favorite trip memories so far. We then learned a little about Costa Rican culture (s/o Fernanda for the presentation.) Then, we hung out around home base hanging in some hammocks and talking together. Then, we ate dinner together and for a little treat we had a group campfire and roasted some s’mores. Overall, another great adventurous day in CR!



Today we woke up real to start a new day in the jungle! We arrived yesterday afternoon after completing the first part of our water rafting tour and we stayed the night in the hotel that is in the middle of the jungle. The place has amazing views and you can perceive the peace that surrounds the area, there are also other groups of students on a trip in CR and we played Mafia for a bit with them and it was fun.

We get ready to start the day for our second day of rafting, we make a stop in the middle of the tour to have a picnic style on one side of the river. it took some effort to complete the tour but the experience was worth it was so much much.

Taking pictures was difficult due to not having our phones during the rafting but the experience is what matters.

We ended the tour and took our bus to get to our next home base when we arrived we rested for a bit and then we went out for dinner. We finished our day with our nightly meeting to share our roses about the amazing day we had.


Today’s adventure with the Teen Tour Network in Costa Rica was a perfect blend of exploration and cultural immersion. We started our day early, hitting the trails for a scenic hike through Costa Rica’s breathtaking landscapes. The trail led us through dense rainforests teeming with wildlife and ended at a beach where we cooled off and snapped countless photos. After our hike, we headed to a local supermarket, eager to experience everyday life in Costa Rica. We got a lot of ice cream and ice tea that we all drank then headed back to our accommodations to cook a traditional Costa Rican dinner together thats was a traditional rice and bean recipe. The process of preparing the delicious food, with its aromatic blend of flavors, connected us even more deeply with Costa Rican culture, making today a truly memorable experience for all of us on this Teen Tour adventure



Today we woke up early and started the day at 7:00am, we had an early breakfast to start the day at 7:30am. At 8:45am we left on the tour bus, and at 9:30am we arrived at the Bri Bri tribe. In the tribe, all of us explored for a while, around 12:00 we had some lunch. Then, the cool bus driver Roy drove us to the waterfall, all of us explored the waterfall and had a nice swim. After all of that we drove back to the hotel which then went to the ocean pool to have a nice swim and see the beautiful water. After that we took another swim in the pool. All of us then went out to a nice dinner and had some food and then we walked back. For the end of the day, we picked out a new leader and then finally went to sleep.